domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Animation Reel 2010

Finally, it has arrived...

The following is the 2010 update of my character animation skills, especially in the game animation sector in which I've been working for the past 2 years.

miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

Wow I found it!! My first 3d animation ever!

Owning the impressive amount of 9 views or so, my first 3d animation ever, done in university for a 3 month assignment of a Cri-Cri character. I did absolutely everything (which you can state in the running credits at the end) from voice to modelling, animation, texturing, post-edition and musicalization. Done in Hash's Animation:Master 10.5

So when I get an Academy Award or stuff I can always show my first crappy animation to youngster enthusiasts and tell them: "you see? if your animation is crappy now, don't worry. The only way on, from here, is to improve"

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

GDC San Francisco 2009

Well I guess I'm not so much of a blogger... Last time I wrote something down here was last year? daaaaaamn

So it's 2009, I'm living la vida loca around here, everything's great! One of the cool things about this year so far is that I went to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March, I'd never been before, it was awesome! I paid for the summits and tutorials pass and went with my boss of Immersion Games and the lead programmer of Mexico, we had a great time! San Francisco is a very clean and nice city...

Maybe, perhaps, except for the...

Crazy people!

I swear, this city is nuts, lotsa people mumbling nonsense in the streets, just staring blank or screaming things one to each other.... wow, we tourists were freaked out. Although we didn't go to a lot of places since we spent the whole day in the Moscone Convention Centre, every day from Monday to Saturday we had to walk about 10 minutes from the hotel to the Centre, dodging crazy people.

Other than that, I had the opportunity to finally see the Golden Gate Bridge, hit a few bars, go to the Aquarium (which was kinda dissapointing since it was under remodelling) and walk a disastrous amount of distance each day while eating as cheap as possible because my budget was limited :P

The GDC was great, I had two full day conferences about storytelling and the mechanisms of script writing for videogames, and I spent the rest of the week just hanging around in the expo and seeing if I could win a free PSP at the Sony booth, which I didn't. I'll upload a few photos soon.